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Another rant incoming, so strap in, keep your pants on, and get ready to find out what else you’re doing wrong and why I’m disappointed in you.

But it’s okay, I love you anyway and I forgive you. I’m just so…proud of you. And everything you’ve done already. I just need you to do one more thing for me.

You need to get out there, get together with all of the other people I love, and be an activist.


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30 States Charge Fees on Debit Card to pay Unemployement!!!

An Open Note to Anyone who is Mad as Hell and doesn’t want to take it anymore!

DATELINE March 15, 2009 (Beware the ides of March)

Today CNN reported that 30 states are now partnering with banks that took bailout money to charge fees on debit cards which pay unemployment benefits. Even fees to just check your balance!

Don’t our leaders and our government understand the results as seen in history of unfalr taxation without representation and the bilking of a society by the elite to enslave us.

I am beginning to feel as though we are being played at every corner… Does anyone else see the irony and the criminality of this? Please comment so i know i am not alone and not going crazy…

When are we going to stand together as community and stop the system in its tracks…
Enough is enough…

Om Mani Padme Hum,
http://pursuitofHappinessYOGA.comSuggested reading "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine

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“Nothing Lasts, Nothing is Finished, Nothing is Perfect.” a Facebook Thread

Zeynep “nothing lasts, nothing is finished,nothing is perfect.” 1:31pm3 Comments

Arthur Klein at 1:35pm December 25
is this your thought? Really beautiful!
Zeynep Çavuşoğlu at 8:45am December 26
ı read it some where and wanted to share it :))yes by the way also ı believe that everythin right now is perfect .Paradox:))what odo you think?
Arthur Klein at 8:56am December 26
perfection is intrinsically subjective… I believe things are both perfect in the moment and imperfect in the bigger picture of time; which is perfect in itself…
So you can be present in the perfection of the moment and motivated to positively move forward through time and space adjusting the experience toward perfection in every moment as it unfolds!  What do you think?

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