meditation video ~ the essence of the practice

A fly  on the walls view of meditation…. Great video i found on facebook which illustrates meditation in a fun, funny and compelling way… Kudos to the creator…  I love this short video and hope you do to…




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4 responses to “meditation video ~ the essence of the practice

  1. Excellent! It is so real in every sense, as soon as I begin to meditate the “fly” starts to try to get my attention; all the worries, what I have to do or haven’t done… but once I overcome it the whole experience changes to peace. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kaleb Bueno

    aint that the truth about the nuisances of life!!!

  3. Love it. It so (and so beautifully) captures that moment, that *instant,* of noticing the noticing…
    of realizing we are one with the “irritant.”

  4. This video is fresh!!! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing it Arthur! I didn’t make it to class thurday because I had to go get the keys to my new apartment.
    I’ll see you next week! Muah!

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