Anatomy of an American Yogi

Y Yoga Movie Still director Arthur Klein Reverse Namasté NYC

Y Yoga Movie Still director Arthur Klein Reverse Namasté NYC

Yoga & the original American Spirit

Y Yoga Movie frame Time Square US Flag

Y Yoga Movie frame Time Square US Flag

Practicing yoga in the United States of America today, feels like the essence of breathing life liberty and pursuing happiness.

What i hear from our president elect is very yogic, very Gandhi,  Bhakti and  Raja…. “Yes we can!” and “Change we can believe in!” sounds a great deal like “Be the change you would like to see in the world.”
– Gandhi

This is in contrast to the charge of our last 8 years of leadership… The suggestion that we consume for the good of the country and for our own happiness … The repeated suggestions of our being very afraid and how we need to invest all our money time and energy to chase after security…  I submit, security is unobtainable since it is an abstract concept based on fear … and will eventually bankrupt us as a society.

Why have these been the intentions that have been reinforced by the Bush administration.    When did government become the enemy of the people … and to the peoples’ unalienable Rights to … Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

How about we consider just these 2 shifts

  1. What if we shift our intention of Happiness through Service instead of consumption.
  2. What if we followed Benjamin Franklin’s sage advise, “if you forgo liberty for security you deserve neither.”
Y Yoga Movie Still 911 Ground Zero

Y Yoga Movie Still 911 Ground Zero

If we look back at our Declaration of Independence it has so many references to very yogic ideals to the original idea of being an American…

Standing up for what is right.  Doing well by being good.

As an American who loves his practice of yoga I want to send this message of love, light, peace and hope to all of you on this unique Thanksgiving as we focus our intention to a future where all beings are Happy.
And may our happiness come from healing our fragile and injured planet.

in peace, with love,


Y Yoga Movie still frame dir Arthur Klein Warrior 3 NYC

Y Yoga Movie still frame dir Arthur Klein Warrior 3 NYC



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5 responses to “Anatomy of an American Yogi

  1. Very cool Arthur! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Arthur, it’s been good to witness your process of film making and it’s great to see you posting online. Congratulations on your site, and I hope Y Yoga Movie continues to gather well-deserved attention and distribution.


    Comparing Gnadhi with Obama ? You are insulting eveybody’s intelligence.

    Please stick with yoga !!!

    Namaste !!

    • Hi RAJ SHAH,

      Time will tell… how does a mahatma begin their calling? We sure could us one in these times. Gandhi began as a lawyer in South Africa. Where we begin is of little importance; its how we live as life goes!

      Sorry if you were insulted for Gandhi and that you included “everybody” in your expression of your own truth…

      From what i understand of him I don’t believe that he (Gandhi) would have had a problem being spoken of with some comparisons with a leader like Obama who professes hope and change through living ones truth!

      Please speak for yourself on this blog and in life. Your comment “Please stick with yoga” is just plain sad…

      Yoga and meditation are everthing so if i stick with yoga all else will come including communicating my heart, here and in the now! Being Yoga!


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