What is Happiness and why is it worth pursuing?

Hello  world! This is my new WordPress blog In fact; it is the first post to this blog.

I awoke at 4 am on Saturday morning … booted my computer and excitedly searched to see if the URL “pursuitOf HappinessYoga.com” was available. To my surprise it was… which was perfect. As I purchased the address I checked in with my breath and felt deep gratitude, peace and grace within the moment. I knew in that breath I had committed to an intention of sharing a dialogue about happiness with all who care to engage in this investigation.

Most recently I have come to believe happiness is found by returning to the basic tenants of happiness as defined in our Declaration of Independence and in the sutras of yoga and meditation.  When reading both documents it is amazing the similarities that become obvious.

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. —” through the lens of Yoga.
…It just seems so obvious!

I invite you to join me for this journey into honoring happiness gained through service instead of consumption and liberty realized through feeling free from the inside out instead of chasing security by embracing fear and paranoia…. as our, soon to be past, leadership would have it…

I am so happy that instead of shopping or vacationing after 911 I began attending yoga classes everyday!  Which has lead to an ordinary not so happy guy having and extraordinarily happy experience of life!

Over future posts I look forward to sharing the unfolding of journey, marching with all of you to heal our fragile and injured planet.  We are the change we want to see.

May all beings be happy!

In peace with love and light,

Arthur Klein

PS.  Until the next post please enjoy my most recent offering to the meditation “May All Beings Be Happy”    this is a trailer from Y Yoga Movie… an 88 minute documentary of the last 7 years of my journey.

Fit Yoga Magazine Review

LA Yoga Magazine Review



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6 responses to “What is Happiness and why is it worth pursuing?

  1. Yoga is great to practice. It provides both exercise and inner peace. After attending yoga you can use it at any time during the day or evening when a challenging situation arises. It clears your mind and allows the creativity and happiness to live on.

  2. Hi Secret Key Candace,

    I would appreciate your sharing just one example that has come up during time off the mat. I hope this blog becomes a great sharing spot for suggestions of equanimity in an ever challenging world.


  3. om lokah somastah sukhino bhavantu om shanti shanti shantii 🙂

  4. Isn’t it beautiful how the universe will happily provide for us as long as we so trust it to?

    I’m thrilled to follow your blogs and the journey of Y Yoga. 🙂


  5. I believe the internet is like the field in “field of dreams”

    If you build it they will come…

    Hooray for collective consciousness as practiced on the web! Log on to big mind and google the answers to enlightenment. What a comforting concept from my teacher Erich Schiffmann.

  6. MLP

    Yes, yoga is truly one of the greatest gifts to give or receive.

    Keep on Brotha!

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